Cold-Condition Gloves

Gloves and mitts for cold weather are insulated to keep hands warm. They're worn when refilling frozen food, working on fishing boats, and working in cold storage facilities. Hazardous liquids are no match for chemical-resistant gloves. When handling cold objects (such as frozen food) or working in cold surroundings or weather, insulated gloves are worn. Knit gloves are lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting, with a knit cuff that keeps the glove in place while keeping dirt and other pollutants out. Mechanics and riggers gloves provide excellent dexterity and are frequently used in general maintenance and repair operations. Leather gloves are used in forestry, landscaping, and general construction because they are durable and provide a good combination of abrasion resistance and dexterity. When stocking frozen foods, fishing, and conducting pool and pond maintenance, rubber gloves withstand liquids.