Flush Valves

Tankless toilets, urinals, and service sinks can all benefit from flush valves and conversion kits. These flow-control devices flush high-traffic fixtures (greater than 30 flushes per day) in public, commercial, and institutional restrooms using pressurized water directly from a plumbing supply line. Flush valves (also known as flushometers) are full assemblies that connect the spud of a toilet, urinal, or sink to a water supply. They contain the mechanism that regulates the flow of water via the valve, as well as the manual or automatic actuator that starts the flush. They're used to install new flush valves or to replace old ones. Parts for converting an existing flushometer from manual to automatic operation are included in flush-valve retrofit kits. To ensure appropriate clearance of the toilet bowl, they're usually chosen with a gallons-per-flush rating that matches the existing flushometer.