First Aid and Wound Care

Non-critical injuries and diseases can be treated with first-aid and wound-care materials. To keep contaminants out, bandages, gauze, pads, and wraps are used to cover wounds. Muscle and joint discomfort can be relieved using ice packs and thermal wraps. Bandages and wound dressings are held in place by first-aid tape. Supplies and medicine for treating wounds, insect bites, burns, and other minor injuries are included in first-aid kits. Headaches, aches and pains, coughs, colds, and upset stomachs are all treated with nonprescription drugs. Employees can get over-the-counter medicines and first-aid supplies without leaving the office thanks to pharmaceutical vending machines. Topical ointments, lotions, and antiseptics are used to treat burns, stings, and rashes, as well as ease pain and clean wounds.