Rectangular Hollow Section, RHS, Carbon Steel

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Product Description

Rectangular Hollow Sections, RHS, also known as Cold Formed Rectangular Hollow, Rectangular Mild Steel Hollow, EN 10219 - 1 and 2 : 2006 Rectangular Hollow Sections, RHS, are available in various Mild Steel (MS) material grades. Mild Steel metal is suitable for various commercial, domestic as well as industrial applications. . It is malleable and versatile, comes with high strength and formability and its highly recyclable. SupplyApp stocks structural steel at its distribution centers and represents one of the largest network of steel suppliers and manufacturers globally.

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Item Specifications

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Technical Specification

     Moment of Inertia  Radius of Gyration Elastic Modulus  Plastic Modulus  
SizeDesignationThickness T mm Mass per kg (kg/m)Sectional Area A cm2lxx cm4lyy cm4 ixx cmiy cm Welxx cm3Welyy cm3Wplxx cm3Wplyy cm3Area/m m2/m
50mm x 30mm x 2.89kg/m50 x 30 x 2.892.52.893.6811.85.221.791.194.733.485.924.110.154
50mm x 30mm x 3.41kg/m50 x 30 x 3.4133.414.3413.65.941.771.175.433.966.884.760.152
50mm x 30mm x 3.61kg/m50 x 30 x 3.613.23.614.614.26.21.761.165.684.137.2550.152
50mm x 30mm x 4.39kg/m50 x 30 x 4.3944.395.5916.57.081.721.136.64.728.595.880.15
50mm x 30mm x 5.2kg/m50 x 30 x
50mm x 30mm x 5.28kg/m50 x 30 x 5.2855.286.7318.77.891.671.087.495.26106.80.147
60mm x 40mm x 3.68kg/m60 x 40 x 3.682.53.684.6822.812.
60mm x 40mm x 4.35kg/m60 x 40 x 4.3534.355.5426.513.92.181.588.826.9510.98.190.192
60mm x 40mm x 4.62kg/m60 x 40 x 4.623.24.625.8827.814.62.181.579.277.2911.58.640.192
60mm x 40mm x 5.64kg/m60 x 40 x 5.6445.647.1932.8172.141.5410.98.5213.810.30.19
60mm x 40mm x 6.74kg/m60 x 40 x 6.744.96.748.5837.619.32.091.512.59.6616.2120.187
60mm x 40mm x 6.85kg/m60 x 40 x 6.8556.858.7338.
60mm x 40mm x 7.99kg/m60 x 40 x 7.9967.9910.242.321.42.041.4514.110.718.613.70.185
60mm x 40mm x 8.31kg/m60 x 40 x 8.316.38.3110.643.421.92.021.4414.51119.214.20.184
80mm x 40mm x 5.29kg/m80 x 40 x 5.2935.296.7454.2182.841.6313.6917.110.40.232
80mm x 40mm x 5.62kg/m80 x 40 x 5.623.25.627.1657.218.92.831.6314.39.4618110.232
80mm x 40mm x 6.9kg/m80 x 40 x 6.946.98.7968.222.22.791.6317.111.121.813.20.23
80mm x 40mm x 8.28kg/m80 x 40 x
80mm x 40mm x 8.42kg/m80 x 40 x 8.4258.4210.780.325.72.741.5520.112.926.115.70.227
80mm x 40mm x 9.87kg/m80 x 40 x 9.8769.8712.690.528.52.681.522.614.23017.80.225
80mm x 40mm x 10.3kg/m80 x 40 x 10.36.310.313.193.329.22.671.4923.314.631.118.40.224
80mm x 40mm x 12.5kg/m80 x 40 x 12.5812.51610632.12.581.4226.516.136.521.20.219
90mm x 50mm x 6.24kg/m90 x 50 x 6.2436.247.9484.433.53.262.0518.813.423.215.30.272
90mm x 50mm x 6.63kg/m90 x 50 x 6.633.26.638.4489.
90mm x 50mm x 7.4kg/m90 x 50 x
90mm x 50mm x 8.15kg/m90 x 50 x 8.1548.1510.3910741.93.212.0123.816.829.819.60.27
90mm x 50mm x 9.81kg/m90 x 50 x 9.814.99.8112.512548.53.171.9727.919.435.423.20.267
90mm x 50mm x 9.99kg/m90 x 50 x 9.9959.9912.7312749.23.161.9728.319.73623.50.267
90mm x 50mm x 11.1kg/m90 x 50 x 11.15.611.114.09138533.131.9430.721.239.425.70.266
90mm x 50mm x 11.8kg/m90 x 50 x 11.8611.814.9714555.43.111.9232.222.141.6270.265
90mm x 50mm x 12.3kg/m90 x 50 x 12.36.312.315.63150573.11.9133.322.843.2280.264
90mm x 50mm x 13.6kg/m90 x 50 x
90mm x 50mm x 15kg/m90 x 50 x 1581519.1517464.63.011.8438.625.851.432.90.259
100mm x 50mm x 6.71kg/m100 x 50 x 6.7136.718.5411036.83.582.0821.914.727.316.80.292
100mm x 50mm x 7.13kg/m100 x 50 x
100mm x 50mm x 7.96kg/m100 x 50 x 7.963.67.9610.1412842.63.552.0525.61732.119.60.291
100mm x 50mm x 8.78kg/m100 x 50 x 8.7848.7811.1914046.23.532.0327.918.535.221.50.29
100mm x 50mm x 10.6kg/m100 x 50 x 10.64.910.613.4816453.53.491.9932.821.441.925.40.287
100mm x 50mm x 10.8kg/m100 x 50 x 10.8510.813.7316754.33.481.9933.321.742.625.80.287
100mm x 50mm x 12.7kg/m100 x 50 x 12.7612.716.1719061.23.431.9538.124.549.429.70.285
100mm x 50mm x 13.3kg/m100 x 50 x 13.36.313.316.89197633.421.9339.425.251.330.80.284
100mm x 50mm x 14.7kg/m100 x 50 x
100mm x 50mm x 16.3kg/m100 x 50 x 16.3816.320.7523071.73.331.864628.761.436.30.279
100mm x 60mm x 7.18kg/m100 x 60 x 7.1837.189.1412455.73.682.4724.718.630.221.20.312
100mm x 60mm x 7.63kg/m100 x 60 x 7.633.27.639.7213158.83.672.4626.219.63222.40.312
100mm x 60mm x 8.53kg/m100 x 60 x 8.533.68.5310.914564.83.652.4428.921.635.624.90.311
100mm x 60mm x 9.41kg/m100 x 60 x 9.4149.411215870.53.632.4331.623.539.127.30.31
100mm x 60mm x 11.4kg/m100 x 60 x 11.44.911.414.518682.43.592.3937.227.546.632.40.307
100mm x 60mm x 11.6kg/m100 x 60 x 11.6511.614.718983.63.582.3837.827.947.432.90.307
100mm x 60mm x 12.8kg/m100 x 60 x 12.85.612.816.320690.63.552.3641.230.25236.10.306
100mm x 60mm x 13.6kg/m100 x 60 x 13.6613.617.4217953.532.3443.431.755.138.10.305
100mm x 60mm x 14.2kg/m100 x 60 x 14.26.314.218.122598.13.522.334532.757.339.50.304
100mm x 60mm x 15.8kg/m100 x 60 x
100mm x 60mm x 17.5kg/m100 x 60 x 17.5817.522.42641133.442.2552.837.868.747.10.299
120mm x 60mm x 9.7kg/m120 x 60 x
120mm x 60mm x 10.7kg/m120 x 60 x 10.7410.713.624983.14.282.4741.527.751.931.70.35
120mm x 60mm x 12.9kg/m120 x 60 x 12.94.912.916.429497.34.232.4349.132.46237.80.347
120mm x 60mm x 13.1kg/m120 x 60 x 13.1513.116.729998.84.232.4349.932.963.138.40.347
120mm x 60mm x 18.6kg/m120 x 60 x 18.65.618.61.63271074.22.454.635.869.542.10.346
120mm x 60mm x 15.5kg/m120 x 60 x 15.5615.519.83451134.182.3957.537.573.644.50.345
120mm x 60mm x 16.2kg/m120 x 60 x 16.26.316.220.73581164.162.3759.738.876.746.30.344
120mm x 60mm x 18.1kg/m120 x 60 x
120mm x 60mm x 20.1kg/m120 x 60 x 20.1820.125.64251354.082.370.84592.755.40.339
120mm x 80mm x 10.8kg/m120 x 80 x 10.83.610.813.72761474.483.274636.755.6420.391
120mm x 80mm x 11.9kg/m120 x 80 x 11.9411.915.23031614.463.2550.440.
120mm x 80mm x 14.4kg/m120 x 80 x 14.44.914.418.43591904.423.2159.947.573.355.20.387
120mm x 80mm x 14.7kg/m120 x 80 x 14.7514.718.73651934.423.2160.948.274.656.10.387
120mm x 80mm x 16.3kg/m120 x 80 x 16.35.616.320.84012114.393.1866.852.782.361.80.386
120mm x 80mm x 17.4kg/m120 x 80 x 17.4617.422.24232224.373.1770.655.687.365.50.385
120mm x 80mm x 18.2kg/m120 x 80 x 18.26.318.223.24402304.363.1573.357.69168.20.384
120mm x 80mm x 20.3kg/m120 x 80 x
120mm x 80mm x 22.6kg/m120 x 80 x 22.6822.628.85252734.273.0887.568.111182.60.379
120mm x 80mm x 27.4kg/m120 x 80 x 27.41027.434.96093134.182.99101.678.113197.30.374
150mm x 100mm x 15.1kg/m150 x 100 x 15.1415.119.26073245.634.118164.897.473.60.49
150mm x 100mm x 18.3kg/m150 x 100 x 18.34.918.323.37263865.584.0796.877.111788.50.487
150mm x 100mm x 18.6kg/m150 x 100 x 18.6518.623.77393925.584.0798.578.511990.10.487
150mm x 100mm x 20.7kg/m150 x 100 x 20.75.620.726.48144315.554.0410986.21321000.486
150mm x 100mm x 22.1kg/m150 x 100 x 22.1622.128.28624565.534.0211591.21411060.485
150mm x 100mm x 23.1kg/m150 x 100 x 23.16.323.129.58984745.524.0112094.81471100.484
150mm x 100mm x 25.9kg/m150 x 100 x
150mm x 100mm x 28.9kg/m150 x 100 x 28.9828.936.810875695.443.941451141801350.479
150mm x 100mm x 31.5kg/m150 x 100 x 31.58.831.540.111686105.43.91561221951460.477
150mm x 100mm x 35.3kg/m150 x 100 x 35.31035.344.912826655.343.851711332161610.474
150mm x 100mm x 41.4kg/m150 x 100 x 41.41241.452.714507455.253.761931492491850.469
150mm x 100mm x 42.8kg/m150 x 100 x 42.812.542.854.614887635.223.741981532561900.468
160mm x 80mm x 14.4kg/m160 x 80 x 14.4414.418.46122075.773.3576.551.794.758.30.47
160mm x 80mm x 17.5kg/m160 x 80 x 17.54.917.522.37312455.733.3291.461.311469.90.467
160mm x 80mm x 17.8kg/m160 x 80 x 17.8517.822.77442495.723.319362.311671.10.467
160mm x 80mm x 19.9kg/m160 x 80 x 19.95.619.925.38192735.693.2910268.212878.50.466
160mm x 80mm x 21.2kg/m160 x 80 x 21.2621.2278682885.673.271087213683.30.465
160mm x 80mm x 22.2kg/m160 x 80 x 22.26.322.228.29032995.663.2611374.814286.80.464
160mm x 80mm x 24.7kg/m160 x 80 x
160mm x 80mm x 27.6kg/m160 x 80 x 27.6827.635.210913565.573.18136891751060.459
160mm x 80mm x 30.1kg/m160 x 80 x 30.18.830.138.311723795.533.1514794.91891140.457
160mm x 80mm x 33.7kg/m160 x 80 x 33.71033.742.912844115.473.11611032091250.454
160mm x 80mm x 39.5kg/m160 x 80 x 39.51239.550.314494555.373.011811142401420.449
160mm x 80mm x 40.9kg/m160 x 80 x 40.912.540.952.114854655.342.991861162471460.448
180mm x 100mm x 21kg/m180 x 100 x 2152126.711534606.574.15128921571040.547
180mm x 100mm x 23.4kg/m180 x 100 x 23.45.623.429.812725066.544.121411011741150.546
180mm x 100mm x 24.9kg/m180 x 100 x 24.9624.931.813505366.524.1115071861230.545
180mm x 100mm x 26.1kg/m180 x 100 x 26.16.326.133.314075576.54.091561111941280.544
180mm x 100mm x 29.2kg/m180 x 100 x
180mm x 100mm x 32.6kg/m180 x 100 x 32.6832.641.617136716.424.021901342391570.539
180mm x 100mm x 35.6 40.0kg/m180 x 100 x 35.6 8.835.645.418477206.383.982051442591700.537
180mm x 100mm x kg/m180 x 100 x 40.0104050.920367876.323.932261572881880.534
180mm x 100mm x 47kg/m180 x 100 x 47124759.923208866.223.852581773332160.529
180mm x 100mm x 48.7kg/m180 x 100 x 48.712.548.762.123859086.23.822651823442230.528
200mm x 100mm x 22.6kg/m200 x 100 x 22.6522.628.714955057.214.191491011851140.587
200mm x 100mm x 25.1kg/m200 x 100 x 25.15.625.13216525567.184.171651112051260.586
200mm x 100mm x 26.8kg/m200 x 100 x 26.8626.834.217545897.164.151751182181340.585
200mm x 100mm x 28.1kg/m200 x 100 x 28.16.328.135.818296137.154.141831232281400.584
200mm x 100mm x 31.4kg/m200 x 100 x
200mm x 100mm x 35.1kg/m200 x 100 x 35.1835.144.822347397.064.062231482821720.579
200mm x 100mm x 38.4kg/m200 x 100 x 38.48.838.448.924127937.024.032411593061860.577
200mm x 100mm x 43.1kg/m200 x 100 x 43.11043.154.926648696.963.982661743412060.574
200mm x 100mm x 50.8kg/m200 x 100 x 50.81250.864.730479796.863.893051963952370.569
200mm x 100mm x 52.7kg/m200 x 100 x 52.712.552.767.1313610046.843.873142014082450.568
200mm x 100mm x 58.9kg/m200 x 100 x 58.914.258.975341610806.753.83422164502680.563
200mm x 100mm x 65.2kg/m200 x 100 x 65.21665.283367811476.663.723682294912900.559
200mm x 120mm x 24.1kg/m200 x 120 x 24.1524.130.716857627.44.981681272051440.627
200mm x 120mm x 26.9kg/m200 x 120 x 26.95.626.934.218638417.384.951861402271590.626
200mm x 120mm x 28.7kg/m200 x 120 x 28.7628.736.619808927.364.941981492421690.625
200mm x 120mm x 30.1kg/m200 x 120 x 30.16.330.138.320659297.344.922071552531770.624
200mm x 120mm x 33.7kg/m200 x 120 x
200mm x 120mm x 37.6kg/m200 x 120 x 37.6837.648252911287.264.852531883132180.619
200mm x 120mm x 41.1kg/m200 x 120 x 41.18.841.152.4273412157.224.822732033402370.617
200mm x 120mm x 46.3kg/m200 x 120 x 46.31046.358.9302613377.174.763032233792630.614
200mm x 120mm x 54.6kg/m200 x 120 x 54.61254.669.5347215207.074.683472534403050.609
200mm x 120mm x 56.6kg/m200 x 120 x 56.612.556.672.1357615627.044.663582604553140.608
200mm x 120mm x 63.3kg/m200 x 120 x 63.314.263.380.7390716936.964.583912825033460.603
200mm x 120mm x 70.2kg/m200 x 120 x 70.21670.289.4422118136.874.54223025503770.599
200mm x 150mm x 26.5kg/m200 x 150 x 26.5526.533.7197012657.646.121971692341920.687
200mm x 150mm x 29.5kg/m200 x 150 x 29.55.629.537.6218113987.616.12181862602130.686
200mm x 150mm x 31.5kg/m200 x 150 x 31.5631.540.2231814857.66.082321982772270.685
200mm x 150mm x 33kg/m200 x 150 x 336.33342.1242015497.586.072422072892370.684
200mm x 150mm x 37kg/m200 x 150 x 377.13747.1268517157.556.032682293222640.682
200mm x 150mm x 41.4kg/m200 x 150 x 41.4841.452.8297118947.55.992972533592940.679
200mm x 150mm x 45.3kg/m200 x 150 x 45.38.845.357.7321720477.475.963222733903190.677
200mm x 150mm x 51kg/m200 x 150 x 51105164.9356822647.415.913573024363560.674
200mm x 150mm x 60.2kg/m200 x 150 x 60.21260.276.7410925967.325.824113465084140.669
200mm x 150mm x 62.5kg/m200 x 150 x 62.512.562.579.6423626737.35.84243565254280.668
200mm x 150mm x 70kg/m200 x 150 x 7014.27089.2464429197.225.724643895824730.663
200mm x 150mm x 77.7kg/m200 x 150 x 77.71677.799503631527.135.645044206385180.659
250mm x 100mm x 26.5kg/m250 x 100 x 26.5526.533.726106188.84.282091242631380.687
250mm x 100mm x 29.5kg/m250 x 100 x 29.55.629.537.628896818.774.25

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