TIG Welding And Accessories

Consumables for a TIG torch (tungsten inert gas) must be replaced as they become worn or damaged throughout the welding operation. To keep impurities out of the weld pool, nozzles focus shielding gas on it. Shielding gas is released into the nozzle by gas lenses and collet bodies. The electrode is held in place in the torch by collets, which allow current to pass from the torch to the electrode. Insulators lengthen the life of the gun nozzle and keep it from coming into touch with the torch's electrically live elements. Back caps maintain the electrode in place in the collet by covering the back portion of the electrode and applying pressure to the collet to keep it from shorting out during welding. A nozzle, collet body or gas lens, collet, insulators, rear cap, torch body, torch handle, and tungsten electrode make up a complete TIG torch setup.