Wireways are troughs with hinged or retractable covers used in permanent, whole-facility wiring installations to route and protect electric line and cable. After the wireway has been established as a complete system, wire and cable are placed into or fed through it. Conductors are protected by wireways, which prevent kinks and damage from factors such as dust and water. Electrical wire, electrical feeders, branch circuits, and other groups of conductors are all routed through them. Incoming cable lines and feeder circuits from switchboards to power and lighting panels, distributing electricity in industrial plants, and ganging equipment are all popular uses for wireways. In enclosed spaces, indoor wireways are installed. Dust-tight wireways are used in industrial, manufacturing, and machining applications that need indoor installation. Corrosion-resistant washdown wireways are used in food and beverage processing, as well as non-hazardous chemical processing, where corrosion and water exposure are common.