General Purpose AC Motors

Generally speaking AC motors, often known as induction motors, are electric motors that drive mechanical loads by converting AC power into torque (torque is the measure of a rotating or twisting force). Pumps, blowers, conveyors, and machine tools can all be powered by them. NEMA split-phase frame for general use When compared to other AC motors, AC motors have a lower efficiency and a lower beginning torque, resulting in a softer startup. Capacitor-start NEMA general-purpose frame For higher torque, AC motors employ a capacitor to deliver additional power during startup. Capacitor-start/run NEMA general-purpose frame AC motors are single-phase motors that employ a capacitor to give extra power during startup for more torque and a separate capacitor to run more efficiently. Three-phase NEMA frame general-purpose AC motors and three-phase IEC metric motors run on efficient three-phase electricity with high torque and don't need start or run capacitors.