American Wide Flange Beam, W, Carbon Steel

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American Wide Flange Beams, W, also known as: Flanged Beams, W Section, W-Beams, Wide Flanged Beams and MS W-Section Dimensions according to ASTM A6 / A6M - 03 Tolerances : ASTM A6 / A6M - 03 American Wide Flange is a steel beam made of rolled steel. It is used in the construction and structural industry to construct homes, bridges, and other structures. It has the ability to hold up large and heavy buildings. W-beams are similar to traditional I-beams, but have a different shape. Wide Flange beams, resembling an H on its side, enables even distribution of weight without affecting the structural properties. W sections have wider flanges than I-beams, which are shaped more like a capital letter I. A central web connects the two parallel end units, known as flanges. While the flanges in a standard beam are relatively narrow, those in a wide beam are much broader, and may be equal in length to the height of the web. W-Sections are commonly used as a horizontal support unit (waler) with soldier pile retaining walls with an anchoring system. W sections can also be used a vertical support to hold sheet pile inserts to produce a combination wall (combi-wall). American Wide Flange Beams, W, are available in various Mild Steel (MS) material grades. Mild Steel metal is suitable for various commercial, domestic as well as industrial applications. It is malleable and versatile, comes with high strength and formability and its highly recyclable. SupplyApp stocks structural steel at its distribution centers and represents one of the largest network of steel suppliers and manufacturers globally.

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SizeDesignationMass per ft (lbs/ft)Weight kg/mh (mm)b (mm)t (mm)t (mm)r (mm) A (mm) x102 hi(mm) d (mm) ø  Pmin (mm) Pmax (mm)
4mm x 4mm x 19.3kg/m4x4x19.31319.31061037.18.8624.788.476.4---
5mm x 5mm x 23.8kg/m5x5x23.81623.81271276.19.1830.4108.892.8M126070
5mm x 5mm x 28.1kg/m5x5x28.11928.11311286.910.9835.9109.293.2M126270
6mm x 4mm x 13.5  kg/m6x4x13.5  913.51501004.35.5617.3139127---
6mm x 4mm x 18 kg/m6x4x18.0  12181531025.87.1622.9138.4126.4---
6mm x 4mm x 24kg/m6x4x24.0 16241601026.610.3630.6139.4127.4---
6mm x 6mm x 22.5kg/m6x6 x22.51522.51521525.86.6628.6138.8126.8M167082
6mm x 6mm x 29.8kg/m6x6 x29.82029.81571536.69.3637.9138.4126.4M167284
6mm x 6mm x 37.1kg/m6x6 x37.12537.11621548.111.6647.4138.8126.8M167484
8mm x 4mm x 15kg/m8x4 x15.0 10152001004.35.2819.1189.6173.6---
8mm x 4mm x 19.3 kg/m8x4 x19.3 1319.32031025.86.5824.8190174---
8mm x 4mm x 22.5 kg/m8x4 x22.5 1522.52061026.28828.6190174---
8mm x 5.25mm x 21kg/m8x5.25x21142120313356.4827.08190.2174.2M126276
8mm x 5.25mm x 26.6kg/m8x5.25x26.61826.62071335.88.4833.9190.2174.2M126276
8mm x 5.25mm x 31.3kg/m8x5.25x31.32131.32101346.410.2839.7189.6173.6M126476
8mm x 6.5mm x 35.9kg/m8x6.5x35.92435.92011656.210.21045.7180.6160.6M167896
8mm x 6.5mm x 41.7kg/m8x6.5x41.72841.72051667.211.81053.2181.4161.4M168096
8mm x 8mm x 46.1kg/m8x8 x46.13146.12032037.2111058.918116.1M2494110
8mm x 8mm x 52kg/m8x8 x5235522062047.912.61066.5180.8160.8M2494110
8mm x 8mm x 59kg/m8x8 x5940592102059.114.21075.5181.6161.6M2496112
8mm x 8mm x 71kg/m8x8 x71487121620610.217.41091181.2161.2M2498112
8mm x 8mm x 86kg/m8x8 x8658862222091320.610110180.8160.8M24100116
8mm x 8mm x 100kg/m8x8 x1006710022921014.523.710127181.6161.6M24102116
10mm x 4mm x 17.9kg/m10x4 x17.91217.92511014.85.3822.8240.4224.4---
10mm x 4mm x 22.3kg/m10x4 x22.31522.32541025.86.9828.5240.2224.2---
10mm x 4mm x 25.3kg/m10x4 x25.31725.32571026.18.4832.2240.2224.2---
10mm x 4mm x 28.4kg/m10x4x28.41928.42601026.410836.3240224---
10mm x 5.75mm x 24kg/m10x5.75 x24162425314556.4831.12240.2224.2M167276
10mm x 5.75mm x 32.7kg/m10x5.75 x32.72232.72581466.19.1841.9239.8223.8M167276
10mm x 5.75mm x 38.5kg/m10x5.75 x38.52638.52621476.611.2849.1239.6223.6M167478
10mm x 5.75mm x 44.8 kg/m10x5.75x44.8 3044.82661487.613857240224M167478
10mm x 8mm x 49.1kg/m10x8 x49.13349.12472027.4111362.6225199M2790112
10mm x 8mm x 58kg/m10x8 x583958252203813.51374.2225199M2790113
10mm x 8  mm x 67kg/m10x8  x6745672572048.915.71385.8225.6199.6M2790114
10mm x 10 mm x 73kg/m10x10 x7349732532548.614.21392.9224.6198.6M27102148
10mm x 10 mm x 80kg/m10x10 x8054802562559.415.613102224.8198.8M27102150
10mm x 10 mm x 89kg/m10x10 x89608926025610.717.313114225.4199.4M27104150
10mm x 10 mm x 101kg/m10x10 x1016810126425711.919.613129224.8198.8M27106152
10mm x 10 mm x 115kg/m10x10 x1157711526925913.522.113146224.8198.8M27106154
10mm x 10 mm x 131kg/m10x10 x1318813127526115.425.113167224.8198.8M27108156
10mm x 10 mm x 149kg/m10x10 x14910014928226317.328.413190225.2199.2M27110158
10mm x 10 mm x 167kg/m10x10 x16711216728926519.231.813212225.4199.4M27112160
12mm x 4mm x 21kg/m12x4 x2114213031015.15.7826.8291.6275.6---
12mm x 4mm x 23.8kg/m12x4 x23.81623.83051015.66.7830.4291.6275.6---
12mm x 4mm x 28.3kg/m12x4 x28.31928.330910268.9835.9291.2275.2---
12mm x 4mm x 32.7kg/m12x4 x32.72232.73131026.610.8841.8291.4275.4---
12mm x 6.5 mm x 31kg/m12x6.5 x31213130616457.4839.38291.2275.2M207882
12mm x 6.5 mm x 38.7kg/m12x6.5 x38.72638.73101655.89.7849.4290.6274.6M208084
12mm x 6.5mm x 44.5kg/m12x6.5x44.53044.53131666.611.2856.7290.6274.6M208084
12mm x 6.5 mm x 52 kg/m12x6.5 x52.0  35523171677.613.2866.5290.6274.6M208286
12mm x 8mm x 60kg/m12x8x  6040603032037.513.11576.1276.846.8M2790113
12mm x 8mm x 67kg/m12x8x  6745673062048.514.61585.2276.8246.8M2790114
12mm x 8mm x 74kg/m12x8x  7450743102059.416.31594.8277.4247.4M2790115
12mm x 10mm x  79kg/m12x10x  7953793062548.814.615101276.8246.8M2790164
12mm x 10 mm x  86 kg/m12x10 x  86 58863102549.116.315110277.4247.4M2790164
12mm x 12mm x 97kg/m12x12x  9765973083059.915.415123277.2247.2M27102200
12mm x 12mm x 107kg/m12x12x 1077210731130610.91715136277247M27104200
12mm x 12mm x 117kg/m12x12x 1177911731430711.918.715150276.6246.6M27106202
12mm x 12mm x 129kg/m12x12x 1298712931830813.120.615165276.8246.8M27106202
12mm x 12mm x 143kg/m12x12x 143961433233091422.915182277.2247.2M27108204
12mm x 12mm x 158kg/m12x12x 15810615832731015.525.115201276.8246.8M27108204
12mm x 12mm x 179kg/m12x12x 1791201793333131828.115228276.8246.8M27112208
12mm x 12mm x 202kg/m12x12x 20213620234131520.131.815257277.4247.4M27114210
12mm x 12mm x 226kg/m12x12x 22615222634831722.135.615288276.8246.8M27116212
12mm x 12mm x 253kg/m12x12x 25317025335631924.439.615323276.8246.8M27118214
12mm x 12mm x 283kg/m12x12x 28319028336532226.944.115360276.8246.8M27120216
12mm x 12mm x 313kg/m12x12x 3132103133743253048.315399277.4247.4M27124220
12mm x 12 mm x 342 kg/m12x12 x 342 23034238232832.652.615437276.8246.8M27126222
14mm x 5mm x 32.9kg/m14x5x32.92232.93491275.88.51041.9332312M126270
14mm x 5mm x 39kg/m14x5x39.0 26393531286.510.71049.6331.6311.6M126470
14mm x 6.75mm x 44.6kg/m14x6.75x44.6 3044.63521716.99.81057.1332.4312.4M228284
14mm x 6.75mm x 51kg/m14x6.75x51.0 34513551717.211.61064.5331.8311.8M228484
14mm x 6.75 mm x 58kg/m14x6.75 x58.0 38583581727.913.11072.3331.8311.8M228484
14mm x 8mm x 64kg/m14x8 x64.0 43643472037.713.51581.3320290M2790113
14mm x 8mm x 72kg/m14x8 x72.0 48723502048.615.11591319.8289.8M2790114
14mm x 8mm x 79kg/m14x8x7953793542059.416.815101320.4290.4M2790115
14mm x 10mm x  91kg/m14x10x  9161913532549.516.415115320.2290.2M2790164
14mm x 10mm x 101kg/m14x10x 1016810135725510.518.315129320.4290.4M2790.5165
14mm x 10mm x 110kg/m14x10x 1107411036025611.419.915141320.2290.2M2791.4166
14mm x 10mm x 122kg/m14x10x 122821223632571321.715155319.6289.6M2793167
14mm x 14.5mm x 134kg/m14x14.5x 1349013435636911.21815171320290M27100264
14mm x 14.5mm x 147kg/m14x14.5x 1479914736037012.319.815188320.4290.4M27100264
14mm x 14.5mm x 162kg/m14x14.5x 16210916236437113.321.815206320.4290.4M27102266
14mm x 14.5mm x 179kg/m14x14.5x 1791201793683731523.915228320.2290.2M27104268
14mm x 14.5 mm x 196 kg/m14x14.5 x 196 13219637237416.426.215250319.6289.6M27104268
14mm x 16mm x 216kg/m14x16x 21614521637539417.327.715275319.6289.6M27106288
14mm x 16mm x 237kg/m14x16x 23715923738039518.930.215301319.6289.6M27108290
14mm x 16mm x 262kg/m14x16x 26217626238739821.133.315334320.4290.4M27110292
14mm x 16mm x 287kg/m14x16x 28719328739339922.636.615366319.8289.8M27112294
14mm x 16mm x 314kg/m14x16x 31421131439940124.939.615400319.8289.8M27114296
14mm x 16mm x 347kg/m14x16x 34723334740740427.243.715442319.6289.6M27116298
14mm x 16mm x 382kg/m14x16x 38225738241640629.84815488320290M27118300
14mm x 16mm x 421kg/m14x16x 42128342142540932.852.615537319.8289.8M27122304
14mm x 16mm x 463kg/m14x16x 46331146343541235.857.415590320.2290.2M27124306
14mm x 16mm x 509 kg/m14x16 x 509 34250944641639.162.715652320.6290.6M27128310
14mm x 16mm x 551 kg/m14x16 x 551 3705514554184267.615703319.8289.8M27132312
14mm x 16mm x 592 kg/m14x16 x 592 3985924654214572.315755320.4290.4M27134316
14mm x 16mm x 634 kg/m14x16 x 634 42663447442447.677.115806319.8289.8M27140312
14mm x 16mm x 677 kg/m14x16 x 677 45567748342851.281.515865320290M27144316
14mm x 16mm x 744 kg/m14x16 x 744 50074449843255.688.915948320.2290.2M27148320
14mm x 16mm x 818 kg/m14x16 x 818 55081851443760.597151050320290M27154326
14mm x 16mm x 900 kg/m14x16 x 900 60590053144265.9106151150319289M27158330
14mm x 16mm x 990 kg/m14x16 x 990 66599055044871.9115151260320290M27164336
14mm x 16mm x 1086kg/m14x16 x1086  730108656945478125151390319289M27170342
16mm x 5.5  mm x 38.8kg/m16x5.5  x 38.8 2638.83991406.48.81049.5381.4361.4M126882
16mm x 5.5  mm x 46.1kg/m16x5.5  x 46.1 3146.1403140711.21058.8380.6360.6M126882
16mm x 7  mm x 53kg/m16x7  x 53.0 36534031777.510.91068.4381.2361.2M228690
16mm x 7  mm x 60kg/m16x7  x 60.0 40604071787.712.81076.1381.4361.4M228690
16mm x 7  mm x 67kg/m16x7  x 67.0 45674101798.814.41085.8381.2361.2M228692
16mm x 7  mm x 75kg/m16x7  x 75.0 50754131809.7161094.8381361M228892
16mm x 7 mm x 85kg/m16x7 x 85.0 578541718110.918.210108380.6360.6M229094
16mm x 10.25  mm x 100kg/m16x10.25  x100.0 671004152601016.910127381.2361.2M2790170
16mm x 10.25  mm x 114kg/m16x10.25  x114.0 7711442026111.619.310146381.4361.4M2791.6171
16mm x 10.25  mm x 132kg/m16x10.25  x132.0 8913242526313.322.210169380.6360.6M2793.3173
16mm x 10.25  mm x 149kg/m16x10.25  x14910014943126514.92510190381361M2794.9175
18mm x 6  mm x 52kg/m18x6  x 52.0 35524501527.610.81066.5428.4408.4M167682
18mm x 6  mm x 60kg/m18x6  x 60.0 4060455153813.31076.1428.4408.4M167684
18mm x 6mm x 68.0kg/m18x6 x 68.046684591549.115.41087.1428.2408.2M167884
18mm x 7.5  mm x 61kg/m18x7.5  x 61.0 41614501898.110.81076.4428.4408.4M249296
18mm x 7.5  mm x 67kg/m18x7.5  x 67.0 45674541908.512.71085.5428.6408.6M249296
18mm x 7.5 mm x 74kg/m18x7.5 x 74.0 5074457190914.51094.8428408M249296
18mm x 7.5 mm x 82kg/m18x7.5 x 82.0 55824601919.91610105428408M249298
18mm x 7.5 mm x 89kg/m18x7.5 x 89.0 608946319210.517.710114427.6407.6M249498
18mm x 7.5 mm x 97kg/m18x7.5 x 97.0 659746619311.41910123427.8407.8M2494100
18mm x 7.5  mm x 106kg/m18x7.5  x106.0 7110646919412.620.610134427.8407.8M2496100
18mm x 11 mm x 113kg/m18x11 x 1137611346328010.817.310144428.4408.4M2790174
18mm x 11 mm x 128kg/m18x11 x1288612846728212.219.610163427.8407.8M2790176
18mm x 11 mm x 144kg/m18x11 x1449714447228313.622.110184427.8407.8M2792178
18mm x 11 mm x 158kg/m18x11 x1581061584762841523.910201428.2408.2M2794178
18mm x 11 mm x 177kg/m18x11 x17711917748228616.626.910226428.2408.2M2794180
18mm x 11 mm x 193kg/m18x11 x1931301934892831730.510247428408M2797193
18mm x 11 mm x 213kg/m18x11 x21314321349528518.533.510271428408M2798.5195
18mm x 11 mm x 235kg/m18x11 x23515823550128720.636.610299427.8407.8M27100.6197
18mm x 11 mm x 260kg/m18x11 x26017526050928922.640.410331428.2408.2M27102.6199
21mm x 6.5 mm x 66kg/m21x6.5 x6644665251658.911.41383.9502.2476.2M2288.993
21mm x 6.5 mm x 74kg/m21x6.5 x7450745291669.713.61394.8501.8475.8M2289.794
21mm x 6.5 mm x 85kg/m21x6.5 x85578553516610.316.513108502476M2290.394
21mm x 8.25mm x 92kg/m21x8.25x92629253320910.215.613118501.8475.8M2794104
21mm x 8.25mm x 101kg/m21x8.25x1016810153721010.917.413129502.2476.2M2794104
21mm x 8.25mm x 109kg/m21x8.25x1097310953921111.618.813139501.4475.4M2796106
21mm x 8.25mm x 123kg/m21x8.25x1238312354421213.121.213157501.6475.6M2796106
21mm x 8.25 mm x 138kg/m21x8.25 x1389313854921414.723.613176501.8475.8M2798108
21mm x 12.25mm x 150kg/m21x12.25x15010115054331212.720.313192502.4476.4M2792.7222
21mm x 12.25mm x 165kg/m21x12.25x1651111655463131422.213211501.6475.6M2794223
21mm x 12.25mm x 182kg/m21x12.25x18212218255131515.224.413232