Spill Control Supplies

Spill-control products help with cleanup and spill containment by managing spilt or leaky fluids. They aid in the prevention of injuries as well as damage to equipment and inventory. Pads, pillows, and loose fabrics that absorb liquids are examples of absorbents. Biohazard spill kits are developed to handle biohazardous items in order to reduce exposure and protect the environment. Chemical neutralizers help to mitigate the dangers associated with spilled chemicals by counteracting their dangerous effects. Barriers such as containment berms, pools, and booms prevent spills from spreading. Unwanted liquids are kept out of drain systems and waterways by drain covers, seals, and plugs. Drum, IBC, tank, skid, and pallet containment devices fit specific equipment to control spills and leaks. Leaks from ceilings or pipes are diverted into drains or containers using leak diverters.