Shovels Tampers and Digging Tools

Shovels, tampers, and digging equipment can aid in the preparation of the ground for the pouring of foundations, the installation of subterranean utilities, and the placement of posts. Shovels are used to carry bulk materials such as mulch and gravel, as well as to dig holes and trenches for pouring foundations, drain tile installation, and fence post anchoring. Fenceposts are installed in tiny holes dug by post hole diggers. The posts are driven into the ground by post drivers. Earth augers are used to plant bulbs, mount flagpoles, and dig fencepost holes in hard soil. In utility and construction operations, soil probes are used to locate buried pipe, hose, and tanks. In roadwork, construction, and utility applications, vibratory plate compactors and handheld tampers compact asphalt, gravel, and soil.