Pressure and Vacuum Measuring

To guarantee that positive pressure and vacuum systems are running safely, pressure and vacuum instruments measure and monitor absolute, static, and differential pressure. Pumps, filters, compressors, regulators, and boilers use digital and dial pressure, vacuum, and compound gauges to monitor the pressure of liquids or gases in a system. Differential pressure gauges are used to determine the pressure difference between two parts of a system. Some gauges come with a switch that allows them to be connected to other systems. In dust collecting systems and HVAC filter banks, analog and digital manometers measure low positive, negative, or differential air and gas pressures. Pressure and vacuum transmitters, also known as transducers, give a continuous signal to a monitoring device to collect data. Pitot tubes, siphons, snubbers, test plugs, and gauge isolators are examples of useful accessories that can extend the life of a pressure gauge or differential pressure gauge.