Sinks and Wash Fountains

Wherever there is access to piped or portable water, sinks, wash fountains, and repair parts enhance cleanliness and hygiene. In restrooms, bathroom sinks are used for handwashing and grooming. Hand sinks and wash stations in food service, classrooms, and medical facilities range from single sinks to multi-user stations for washing hands, foods, and utensils. In food processing and preparation, kitchen and bar sinks enable for cleaning and rinsing. Hands, glassware, and equipment are washed at hospital and lab sinks in medical, surgical, and lab facilities. Maintenance workers can clean and rinse mops and empty buckets in mop sinks. Sink and wash fountain components and accessories can be used to repair or replace defective parts, as well as to add value and functionality to existing sinks and fountains. Utility and laundry sinks are deep service basins that can be used to scrub and rinse everything from garments and bedding to big pots and pets. In high-traffic locations, wash fountains allow multiple individuals to wash their hands at the same time.