Gas Welding Equipment

Gas welding equipment, commonly known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene welding equipment, cuts and joins workpieces using oxygen and fuel gases. Unlike arc welding, gas welding does not require electricity and can be used to cut or weld a wide range of metals. At the tip of a gas welding or cutting torch, an oxygen and fuel gas mixture is ignited to form a high-heat flame, and the heat from the flame welds or cuts the material. In gas welding jobs, gas welding rods serve as filler material for forming secure junctions between two surfaces. Gas cylinders store the gases used for welding or cutting, while gas regulators regulate the gas pressure and flow to the torch. Gas mixers and hose reels are examples of accessories that improve or maintain the performance of welding equipment. Heavy metal workpieces such as aircraft, vehicles, piping, and building materials are often welded or cut with gas welders.