Conduit Fittings

Wire and cable are organized, routed, and protected using conduit, fittings, and strut channel framing. Conduit is a plastic or metal tube that protects wire and cable from damage caused by the environment and prevents people from touching it. They're employed in a variety of applications, including construction, structural, and industrial. Each type of conduit has its own set of fittings for connecting it to other conduits or to enclosures and devices. Between conduit kinds, the fittings are not interchangeable. Support for conduit runs is provided by beam clamps, as well as conduit, pipe, and cable mounting supports. They're commonly used to suspend conduit from the ceiling or to secure conduit to existing surfaces. Wiring, plumbing, and mechanical components can all be supported by strut channel framing. It can also be used to make shelves and racks, as well as support lighting systems and connect to walls and beams. It's commonly utilized in the construction and electrical industries.