European I Beam, IPN-Section, Carbon Steel

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Product Description

European I Beams, IPN, is also known as, INP Beams, Narrow Flange Joists, European Standard Universal Steel I Beams, I Beams, IPN Profile, INP Profile and I Section Beams. European Standard Beams Flange slope : 14%, Dimensions : DIN 1025-1: 1963, NF A 45-209 (1983) Tolerances : EN 10024: 1985, Surface Condition according to EN 10163-3: 1991, class C, subclass 1 IPN is the short form for bar shaped building elements or beams with inclined internal surface of the flanges and dimensions according to EN 10365. Their product tolerances are characterized through EN 10024: 1995. European I Beams, IPN, are available in various Mild Steel (MS) material grades. Mild Steel metal is suitable for various commercial, domestic as well as industrial applications. It is malleable and versatile, comes with high strength and formability and its highly recyclable. SupplyApp stocks structural steel at its distribution centers and represents one of the largest network of steel suppliers and manufacturers globally.

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Item Specifications

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Technical Specification

Size DesignationWeight kg/mDepth of Section h (mm)Width of Section b (mm)Thickness web tw (mm)Thickness flange tf (mm)Root Radius r1 (mm)Root Radius r2 (mm)Area of Section A (cm2)  x10{2d (mm) ø  Pmin (mm)Pmax (mm)
IPN 80 x 5.94kg/mIPN 805.948042.003.905.903.902.307.5859.00---
IPN 100 x 8.3kg/mIPN 1008.3010050.004.506.804.502.7010.6075.70---
IPN 120 x 11.1kg/mIPN 12011.1012058.005.107.705.103.1014.2092.40---
IPN 140 x 14.3kg/mIPN 14014.3014066.005.708.605.703.4018.30109.10---
IPN 160 x 17.9kg/mIPN 16017.9016074.006.309.506.303.8022.80125.80---
IPN 180 x 21.9kg/mIPN 18021.9018082.006.9010.406.904.1027.90142.40---
IPN 200 x 26.2kg/mIPN 20026.2020090.007.5011.307.504.5033.40159.10---
IPN 220 x 31.1kg/mIPN 22031.1022098.008.1012.208.104.9039.50175.80M105056
IPN 240 x 36.2kg/mIPN 24036.20240106.008.7013.108.705.2046.10192.50M105460
IPN 260 x 41.9kg/mIPN 26041.90260113.009.4014.109.405.6053.30208.90M126262
IPN 280 x 47.9kg/mIPN 28047.90280119.0010.1015.2010.106.1061.00225.10M126868
IPN 300  x 54.2kg/mIPN 300 54.20300125.0010.8016.2010.806.5069.00241.60M127074
IPN 320  x 61kg/mIPN 320 61.00320131.0011.5017.3011.506.9077.70257.90M127080
IPN 340  x 68kg/mIPN 340 68.00340137.0012.2018.3012.207.3086.70274.30M127886
IPN 360  x 76.1kg/mIPN 360 76.10360143.0013.0019.5013.007.8097.00290.20M127892
IPN 380  x 84kg/mIPN 380 84.00380149.0013.7020.5013.708.20107.00306.70M168486
IPN 400 x 92.4kg/mIPN 40092.40400155.0014.4021.6014.408.60118.00322.90M168692
IPN 450 x 115kg/mIPN 450115.00450170.0016.2024.3016.209.70147.00363.60M1692106
IPN 500  x 141kg/mIPN 500 141.00500185.0018.0027.0018.0010.80179.00404.30M20102110
IPN 550  x 166kg/mIPN 550 166.00550200.0019.0030.0019.0011.90212.00445.60M22112118
IPN 600 x 199kg/mIPN 600199.00600215.0021.6032.4021.6013.00254.00485.80M24126128

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