European Standard Channel, UPN, Carbon Steel

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Product Description

European Standard Channels, UPN, also known as: UNP is the short form for standardized channel sections according to EN 10365 with tolerances according to EN 10279: 2000. UPN in stainless steel are used in all kind of industrial applications, machinery and equipment building. European Standard Channels, UPN, are available in various Mild Steel (MS) material grades. Mild Steel metal is suitable for various commercial, domestic as well as industrial applications.It is malleable and versatile, comes with high strength and formability and its highly recyclable. The use of stainless steel profiles is characterized by high design flexibility and by fast and cost effective construction (through the possibility of prefabrication in the steel production). Stainless steel profiles are produced mainly from scrap and can be recycled again after utilization so new resources can be conserved. SupplyApp stocks structural steel at its distribution centers and represents one of the largest network of steel suppliers and manufacturers globally.

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Item Specifications

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Technical Specification

   Strong Axis  Y-Y    Weak Axis Z-Z        Pure Bending Pure Compression 
DesignationSizekg/m ly cm4Wy cm3Wpl.y cm3 iy cm AVZ cm2 IZ cm4WZ cm3WPl.Z cm3 iZ cmSS mm  lT  cm4  lwx10_3 cm6  Ys  cm Ym cm FeE235FeE355 FeE235 FeE355 
UPN 80 x 8.64UPN 80 x 8.64kg/m8.6410626.531.
UPN 100 x 10.6UPN 100 x 10.6kg/m10.620641.2493.916.4629.38.4916.21.4720.32.810.411.552.931111
UPN 120 x 13.4UPN 120 x 13.4kg/m13.436460.772.64.628.843.
UPN 140 x 16UPN 140 x 16kg/m1660586.41035.4510.4162.714.828.31.7523.95.681.81.753.371111
UPN 160 x 18.8UPN 160 x 18.8kg/m18.89251161386.2112.685.318.335.21.8925.37.393.261.843.561111
UPN 180 x 22UPN 180 x 22kg/m2213501501796.9515.0911422.442.92.0226.79.555.571.923.751111
UPN 200 x 25.3UPN 200 x 25.3kg/m25.319101912287.717.711482751.82.1428.
UPN 220 x 29.4UPN 220 x 29.4kg/m29.426902452928.4820.6219733.664.12.330.31614.62.144.21111
UPN 240 x 33.2UPN 240 x 33.2kg/m33.236003003589.2223.7124839.675.72.4231.719.722.12.234.391111
UPN 260 x 37.9UPN 260 x 37.9kg/m37.948203714429.9927.1231747.791.62.5633.925.533.32.364.661111
UPN 280 x 41.8UPN 280 x 41.8kg/m41.8628044853210.929.2839957.21092.7435.63148.52.535.021111
UPN 300 x 46.2UPN 300 x 46.2kg/m46.2803053563211.731.7749567.81302.937.337.469.12.75.411111
UPN 320 x 59.5UPN 320 x 59.5kg/m59.51087067982612.147.1159780.61522.814366.796.12.64.821111
UPN 350 x 60.6UPN 350 x 60.6kg/m60.61284073491812.950.84570751432.7240.761.21142.44.451111
UPN 380 x 63.1UPN 380 x 63.1kg/m63.11576082910141453.2361578.71482.7740.359.11462.384.581111
UPN 400 x 71.8UPN 400 x 71.8kg/m71.8203501020124014.958.558461021903.044481.62212.655.111111

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