Wire Management

In high-traffic locations, wire and cable management products organize and protect electrical wire, network cable, power cable, and other cabling. They adhere to safety regulations, enable for troubleshooting, and aid in the maintenance of performance. Wireways, cable ladders, wire mesh trays, surface raceways, cable and hose carriers, and wiring ducts are some of the ways wire and cable are routed and protected. Corrugated loom tubing holds bundles of conduit together and protects them from abrasion, friction, and various sorts of environmental damage. Cable sleeves and wraps secure and shield wire and cable bundles from abrasion. Cable ramps and cable floor covers protect cable and hose from human and vehicle traffic, reducing tripping hazards and preventing accidental damage. Pulling cable in trenches is aided or facilitated by cable pulling grips, mesh grips, and safety springs.