In machining jobs, machinery is utilized to make and finish items. Milling machines remove material from workpieces in stages to create features. Work pieces are drilled with drilling machines. Lathes remove material from rotating work pieces in order to shape, size, and add features like threading. Flattening, straightening, stamping, or bending work pieces with hydraulic presses requires a lot of force. Metal is formed and shaped into pieces using sheet metal fabricating machines. Sharpening and softening edges, polishing and smoothing surfaces, and shaping material are all done with buffing and grinding machines. Text or images are permanently etched onto surfaces by marking machines. Threads are created in holes using electric tapping equipment. To make basic or complicated 3D items, 3D printers deposit tiny layers of material on top of each other. High-pressure water streams are used in waterjet cutting machines to cut shapes in workpieces. Built-in suction and ventilation in downdraft tables assist maintain work environments free of fumes, smoke, and dust.