Hot Rolled Plate, HRP, Carbon Steel

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Product Description

Hot Rolled Plates, HRP, are also known as: Hot Rolled Plates, HRP, are available in various Mild Steel (MS) material grades. Mild Steel metal is suitable for various commercial, domestic as well as industrial applications. . It is malleable and versatile, comes with high strength and formability and its highly recyclable. Hot-rolled plate metal is used to manufacture steel structures, profiles, facade elements, door panels and openings, communication protection elements and consumer goods. The key requirements of this segment for HRP are minimum tolerances on dimensions, weldability, high strength and toughness, as well as crack resistance. Cold-rolled steel has begun to be substituted with less expensive, thin hot-rolled steel in the construction segment. High-strength rolled steel is used to reduce product weight. For this application, HRP steel is made of carbon, low-alloy and alloy steel grades. The HRP is supplied in a hot-rolled state after normalised rolling or thermomechanical rolling. SupplyApp stocks structural steel at its distribution centers and represents one of the largest network of steel suppliers and manufacturers globally.

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Item Specifications

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Technical Specification

SizeDesignationThickness T mm kg/m2
3mm x 23.5kg/m3 x 23.5323.5
3.2mm x 25.12kg/m3.2 x
4mm x 31.4kg/m4 x 31.4431.4
5mm x 39.25kg/m5 x 39.25539.25
6mm x 47.1kg/m6 x 47.1647.1
8mm x 62.8kg/m8 x 62.8862.8
10mm x 78.5kg/m10 x 78.51078.5
12.5mm x 98.12kg/m12.5 x 98.1212.598.12
15mm x 117.75kg/m15 x 117.7515117.75
20mm x 157kg/m20 x 15720157
22.5mm x 176.62kg/m22.5 x 176.6222.5176.62
25mm x 196.25kg/m25 x 196.2525196.25
30mm x 235.5kg/m30 x 235.530235.5
32mm x 251.2kg/m32 x 251.232251.2
35mm x 274.75kg/m35 x 274.7535274.75
40mm x 314kg/m40 x 31440314
45mm x 353.25kg/m45 x 353.2545353.25
50mm x 392.5kg/m50 x 392.550392.5
55mm x 431.75kg/m55 x 431.7555431.75
60mm x 471kg/m60 x 47160471
65mm x 510.25kg/m65 x 510.2565510.25
70mm x 549.5kg/m70 x 549.570549.5
75mm x 588.75kg/m75 x 588.7575588.75
80mm x 628kg/m80 x 62880628
90mm x 706.5kg/m90 x 706.590706.5
100mm x 785kg/m100 x 785100785
110mm x 863.5kg/m110 x 863.5110863.5
120mm x 942kg/m120 x 942120942
130mm x 1020.5kg/m130 x 1020.51301020.5
150mm x 1177.5kg/m150 x 1177.51501177.5

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