Soldering is the technique of establishing a junction between two surfaces by heating a filler substance (also known as solder wire or solder) to a low temperature, allowing it to flow between the two surfaces, and then allowing it to cool. Because solder joints are structurally weaker than welded ones yet provide higher electrical conductivity, soldering is suitable for tasks such as creating circuit boards and inserting electronic components. In hot soldering, a range of soldering equipment and soldering materials are employed. To heat the solder, soldering irons and soldering guns are used, and several types of soldering tips can be used with the hot iron to target the heat to a specific spot. Desoldering tools can be used to undo soldered junctions. To improve the quality of the soldered joint, clean and prepare a surface for soldering with flux. Soldering stands, pots, and stations aid in the organization of your soldering tools while in use.