Precision Measuring Tools

Calipers and other precision measuring equipment measure the dimensions of workpieces, parts, or features for a variety of purposes, including quality assurance checks. Micrometers are more precise than calipers, other gauges, and hand tools when it comes to outside, inside, depth, and speciality measures. For secure mounting, indicator holders, magnetic bases, and stands are used. Height gauges are devices that are used to measure and set height, step dimensions, and vertical distance. Pass/fail tolerance testing of specified sizes and threads is done with pin plug and ring gauges. For quality assurance and finishing applications, surface roughness testers measure the average and minimum/maximum roughness of part surfaces. Thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of thin materials like sheet metal and plastic. Feeler gauges are commonly used as shims and are inserted into gaps to determine width. Bore gauges and telescoping gauges are examples of inside diameter gauges that make direct or indirect measurements.