Crop Nursery and Landscaping

Agricultural and groundskeeping equipment includes crop, nursery, and landscaping equipment. Grass clippings, leaves, mulch, plastic bottles, and other debris are collected by debris loaders and accessories to keep outdoor spaces clean. By hand or with an ATV, trailer, or skid, boom sprayer parts are used to administer fertilizer or insecticides to crops. Plant-covering cloth keeps animals out of the garden and protects decorative landscaping plants from the elements. Burlap is used for a variety of purposes, including balling tree and shrub roots. Fruit trees can be covered in bird netting to prevent birds from devouring the fruit. Erosion-control blankets aid in the retention of soil. Garden pegs and plant supports keep plants upright and protect them from the wind. Landscape edging can be used to define regions and serve as a transition between different aspects in the landscape, such as grass and flower gardens. Grounds keeping employees can carry tools and materials with the use of personnel transport and utility vehicles.