Pneumatic Tools

For activities including chiseling, cutting, drilling, hammering, punching, nailing, riveting, sanding, and sawing, pneumatic instruments use compressed air to provide high power in a lightweight container. They have fewer moving parts than electric tools, which means they require less maintenance. Air caulk guns provide precise distribution of caulk for consistent application. Cleaning and drying jobs are made easier using air guns, which generate a forceful stream of air. Air nailers use compressed air to push fasteners into the wood for framing, roofing, siding, finishing, and other applications. Scarifiers work by removing coatings, roughening up work surfaces, and preparing them for refinishing. An air motor in the air tapping arms optimizes spindle speeds and torque for thread tapping. Rivet presenters minimize cycle time on production lines by automatically indexing and feeding rivets to the front of the tool. Needle scalers clean metal surfaces of corrosion, old paint, and superfluous material.