Pliers grab or cut by squeezing their jaws together. Tongue-and-groove pliers hold and turn pipes, fittings, and fasteners with a wide jaw capacity range. To trim wire, zip ties, screws, nails, and other materials, use diagonal-cutting pliers. Precision-cutting pliers enable for fine control when working with electronics and other fine details. Wire and other thin materials are pulled, twisted, bent, and looped with long-nose pliers. The jaw range of slip-joint pliers can be extended by adjusting the pivot point. Lineman's pliers have wire-cutting side cutters and a wire-pulling and twisting gripping zone. The jaws of locking pliers are fixed to grab, turn, and clamp. Different types of pliers are included in the assorted sets. Snap rings that fit into a bore or onto a shaft are installed and removed with retaining-ring pliers. Specialty pliers are used for a variety of grasping and cutting operations.