Magnetic Drill Presses

Magnetic drill presses drill holes in structural steel, I-beams, pipe, and other metal workpieces by rotating annular cutters or other bits. The magnetic base of these drills, also known as mag drills, adheres to ferrous metal surfaces and holds the drill in place as the cutting bit feeds into the material. They can be used in a vertical, horizontal, or upside-down orientation, and they must be tethered by a strap or chain to avoid falling or sliding if the magnetic base loses its grip. These portable drill presses are used in steel fabrication, construction, bridge construction, and other applications that need materials that are set in place or are too large to transport to a stationary drill press. For repetitive work, corded units allow for longer run durations. Batteries power cordless units, allowing them to be used in areas where there is no access to power. Cutting bits are connected to drill motors by arbors, adapters, and accessories, and drills are modified to suit different purposes via arbors, adapters, and accessories.