Corded Oscillating Tools

For precision cutting, scraping, sanding, and polishing, corded oscillating tools move their blade or attachment in a narrow arc from side to side at high speed. The more vigorous the activity, the bigger the arc (oscillation angle). Oscillating multi-tools (OMT) accept a variety of blades for different activities and materials. To accommodate workpieces, the blades can be placed at various positions around the tool head. For work like cutting installed trim, undercutting door jambs, and cutting apertures in floors and walls for outlets and ducts, oscillating tools create plunge and flush cuts. They can also scrape away superfluous material, remove grout and caulk, and grind and sand the area thoroughly. These tools connect to an outlet for longer run periods than cordless tools, making them ideal for repetitive operations and applications where portability isn't an issue. They operate at full power and do not require recharging of batteries.