Louvered Racks and Panels

For storing and organizing tools, fasteners, and other loose goods, louvered panels and racks contain apertures (or louvers) that accept a variety of plastic hanging bins and other appropriate attachments. As storage needs vary, the bins and accessories can be rearranged or replaced, and the bins can be removed and transferred to workbenches or other areas as needed. In areas where fasteners and other small parts are employed, such as service or production facilities, louvered panels and racks are used. Louvered panels and racks that attach to a wall or similar surface or stand on a floor or workstation are called stationary louvered panels and racks. Mobile louvered racks have wheels and may be rolled when cleaning or repositioning is required. Louvered panel shelves, hooks, and hangers can be attached to louvered panels and racks to increase the number of things that can be stored or shown.