Caliper Accessories

Outside measures are performed by vernier, dial, and digital calipers, and many also conduct inside, step, and depth measurements. In difficult conditions where the instrument could be destroyed by liquids or particles, general-purpose digital calipers are not used. Digital calipers for harsh environments are IP-rated for usage in washdown settings where they may be subjected to coolant and cutting fluid splashes. Adjustable jaws travel along a beam with measurements printed on a graduated dial in dial calipers. Spring-loaded arms are attached to a dial or digital indicator on digital and dial caliper gauges. Digital calipers for specific applications and measurements are known as specialty digital calipers. To determine high-precision measurements, vernier calipers contain a main fixed scale and a secondary vernier scale. Users can personalize their equipment with accessories including depth attachments, jaw extensions, and new battery covers to keep it running well.