Grease Guns

Grease guns are used to apply grease to equipment that does not have a permanent lubrication system, such as automobiles, farm equipment, and some industrial gear. They assist extend the life of equipment by keeping parts thoroughly greased. Grease guns also allow for precise application of grease, reducing waste. Grease guns that are air-operated (also known as air-powered or pneumatic) need less effort to use than manual guns and are less likely to run out of power than weapons that are battery-powered. They're ideal for large-scale lubricating projects. Manual grease guns are less efficient and require more effort to use than cordless grease guns. They're also more portable than air-powered weapons, making them perfect for applications that require field maintenance. Manual grease guns use a simple hand pump to dispense grease and are ideal for applications with small fill volumes and few lubrication locations.