LED Surface Mount Fixtures

Surface-mount lights are LED or fluorescent lamps that are mounted directly to ceilings or walls to provide general lighting in offices, healthcare facilities, and retail locations. Fluorescent lights are often used to replace incandescent lights. LED fixtures consume substantially less energy than fluorescent lighting and have built-in LED arrays, eliminating the need to install and replace light bulbs. Strip lights feature a straightforward casing that is slightly larger than the light bulb they contain. Wraparound lights (wraps) have a lens that extends along the edges of the fixture, allowing light to be spread out over a large area. Wall-mounted lights are fixtures that attach to a wall and direct light down onto floors and surfaces. Suspension-mount LED lights are suspended from the ceiling and offer more light than a pendant fixture while also having a more sophisticated appearance than a strip light or wrap. LED stairway lights provide a continual supply of light in stairwells where there is no other light source.