Wall AC Heat Pump Accessories

Air conditioners that are installed through a cutout in an outside wall are known as through-the-wall air conditioners. They cool a single room and are installed in a wall sleeve, which gives the unit with a solid and stable platform. Units with a slide-out chassis are easier to service and repair than those with a fixed chassis. The installation of through-the-wall air conditioners does not necessitate the use of ducts. Cooling-only units are used for seasonal cooling or to augment central air conditioning systems. Units with heat allow year-round cooling and heating from a single unit. A leakage current detector interrupter (LCDI) is installed in all commercial and residential units to detect current leakage and interrupt a circuit to assist avoid injuries and damage to equipment or the environment. Seacoast corrosion protection, which is a coating on an air conditioner's coils that resists corrosive chemicals like salt water sprays, is available on some units. In coastal areas and other hostile environments, coated coils often live longer than uncoated coils.