Torx Keys

Torx key sets, also known as star bit sets, have a six-point star-shaped design with the tip of the shaft put into the Torx indentation in the screw and the key rotated to rotate the screw. When compared to slotted or Phillips head fasteners, Torx tips give a more secure hold on the fastener head, increase torque transfer, and are less prone to slip out of the head and damage the screwhead and nearby surfaces. Torx keys with a Torx ball end can be used to access fasteners in difficult-to-reach places from multiple angles. They can be L-shaped, with one long arm and one small arm of unequal length. The tool's short end allows it to reach fasteners in cramped locations, while the extended end increases its reach. When opposed to utilizing the short end as a handle, the long end produces more torque on the fastener. While compared to L-shaped keys, T-shaped Torx key sets have one long arm with the driving tip at the end and a handle that can give higher torque when spinning bolts.