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Why Sell on

Access 40+ Emerging Markets

From Afghanistan to Yemen, we cover the most challenging engineering projects across 40+ emerging markets, now shipping pretty much everywhere around the globe.

Access Our 30+ Year old Client Network

Your Product listings is not only used for online sales, but also used to work for our offline sales channel catering to the market leaders, including Multinationals, Govt & Semi-Govt entities

Easy & Free Product Listings*

Unlike typical B2B directories and product catalogs, we provide free of cost product listings, so your inventory and product catalog gets the limelight it deserves.

Payment & Shipping Simplified

We want you to focus on your business, and we take care of handling payments and shipments through our payment gateway & logistics network.

Seller Portal & Dashboard

Gain access to your personalized online seller portal and be able to track your orders and performance through SupplyApp Sales.

Unlimited Listings

We want to give your product range the most exposure we can. List your stock & non-stock products with us with typical lead times.

Pricing Model

Grow your sales with no Upfront Fees (Offer valid for limited time only)

No Registration Fees

No Product Listing Fees

No Subscription Fees

SupplyApp works on a transaction fees basis. For every order SupplyApp processes online and/or offline, we charge a percentage of the selling price as our transaction fee. In simple terms, the difference between your selling price to us and our selling price to end customer is our transaction fees. We believe in providing value to our Approved Vendors, proportionally to the value of orders we provide them. This helps us create a true win-win-win scenario for Sellers, Buyers and SupplyApp.

Fulfillment Model

How Does Delivery Work?

Option 1: Back to Back Model

This is similar to a Dropship Model, however every shipment that goes to the end-customer must go via a SupplyApp Distribution Center (DC). We pickup your order/get delivered to our DC, where items go through a rigorous QA/QC Program, before shipment is delivered to the end-customer.

Customer orders Product
& we send you a PO

We pick up/receive products

Products Received & Inspected

We Ship Order to Customer

Option 2: Consignment Stock Model

This is the optimal model to reduce delivery & shipping time to the end-customer. This is similar to a consignment stock model, as we carry your inventory and maintain & manage all inventory related costs at a nominal fee. This truly helps us achieve supply chain and operational efficiencies, while we give you complete visibility and control over your inventory. Our main distribution center is located inside Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE. We can hold inventory for re-export as the jurisdiction of our facility is exempt from sales taxes and custom duties. This enables us to serve multiple markets in the region with drastically reduced processing, handling and shipping times. We offer various storage options including; indoor rack storage, airconditioned storage, outdoor long-product storage, and covered equipment/machinery yard. This model drastically reduces shipping time to end-customers and helps reduce your inventory related costs.

Send your Inventory

We store your Inventory

Customer orders Product
& we send you a PO

We Pack & Ship Order to customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are the products sold to?
We currently ship to 40+ Countries around the globe and are capable of shipping worldwide through our logistics partner network, We strictly comply with International laws and do not ship or sell to sanctioned countries. Moreover, if you have any end destination or territorial restrictions for your products, please let us know so we comply with it.
Who will handle after sales support?
We believe great after sales support, leads to repeat business. We assist our customers with the after sales support they need, with all the backup support needed from our approved vendor.
Can I cancel my Approved Vendor Registration?
Yes, you can cancel your registration by contacting us
How and when do Approved Vendors get paid?
Payment is processed through wire transfer and check as per agreed payment terms
How do Customer Returns & refunds work?
Our Approved Vendors must comply with 30-day product return support from the date of product receipt by the end-customer. As the end-customer has the right to reject products due to quantity mismatch, specification mismatch, manufacturing defects, and/or damages. Each case is carefully analyze to determine if the customer compliant is genuine. In genuine cases, SupplyApp will issue a refund to customer upon successful return of material to Approved Vendor and will charge vendor for any additional charges incurred (e.g. inbound/outbound shipping).
How are Transaction fees calculated?
Transaction fees is determined by the price differential between your selling price to us and our selling price to the end-customer. Our selling prices to the customer are determined by our SupplyApp Pricing Algorithm. This intelligent pricing model is dynamic and is based on multiple factors, including:
  • Product type (Parts, Machinery, Consumables, Commodity...)
  • Expected Average order size per typical transaction
  • Expected volume of transactions
  • Product Market selling prices
It is critical that Approved Vendors submit competitive reseller prices to SupplyApp in order to drive sales for their products. Our pricing algorithm may deem your products unfeasible for online listing if your reseller prices are too high. We also consider your input on your suggested online prices to end customers.
Why do we charge transaction fees?
We enable our vendors to focus on their core business, while we take care of various overheads and direct costs associated with driving your sales. Some of these costs include:

We invest heavily on marketing to enable visibility of your products across various search engines such as Google, Bing etc. We also conduct regular traditional & digital marketing campaigns including direct marketing, customer visits, pay-per-click programs, trade shows and other various marketing methods. All this marketing activity helps build product awareness, brand recognition for your listed products - ultimately growing your sales.

Shipping & Handling
Based on agreed terms, we take care of the inbound & outbound logistics to the end-customer. Shipping worldwide entails additional costs for documentation and compliance which we also take care of.

Customer Service
Unlike any other customer service team, we employ Sales Engineers who can understand customer requirements at not only a commercial level, but also with the technical expertise required. We take care of all Client calls and requests for information, Order Tracking, and all other commercial & technical queries.

Payment & Finance Charges
We take care of transaction level expenses including bank charges, and payment gateway charges that are applicable on each transaction executed by SupplyApp. Moreover, we offer open extended credit terms to many MNCs, National Oil Companies and Government entities, and hence we bear additional finance charges.
How are Product Warranty/Guarantees Handled?
SupplyApp acts as a liaison between the approved vendor and the end-customer for all warranty related issues. All products sold on SupplyApp must cover against manufacturing defects and general performance issues, if no warranty is offered it should be clearly mentioned in Product description. Any replacement and repair warranties/guarantees that is offered by the Manufacturer/Seller is extended to the end-customer. Approved vendors are required to enter into an agreement at the time of registration, to honor the same once the sale is made.

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