Armored Toyota Land Cruiser GXR8, B6 Level

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Product Description

Brand New Armoured TOYOTA Land Cruiser GXR - V8
Vehicle Specifications:
Make: Toyota
Model Name: GXR V8LC GX-R 8 SPL DSL
Body Type: Wagon

Engine & Drivetrain:
-Displacement Cc: 4164
-Hp/Rpm Iso Net: 128/3800
-Torque Kgm/Rpm Iso Net: 29.0/2200
-Type: 6cyl, OHC
-Fuel System: Fuel Injection
-Fuel Type: Diesel
-T/M: 5 Speed M/T
-4wd Options: Part Time
-Diff. Option: Without

-Tire Size: 7.50R16-8
-Wheel Cap: Gray Painted

-Power/Tilt: With/With
-Telescopic: With Brake
-Front/Rear: V.Disc/Drum
-LSPV: With

-Front: Coil Spring
-Rear: Leaf Spring

B6 Level Armouring Technical Specifications
Armor Conversion Modifications / Alterations
- Five Side Armoring Of Passenger Compartment (Roof And Verticals) To Provide Protection Against 7.62x51mm In Accordance With NIJ Level III (B6), At Zero Degree Obliquity Angles.
- Floor Of The Vehicle Is Fitted With Integral Blast Protection To Protect Occupants Against Fragmentation From Simultaneous Detonation Of 2 Dm-51 German Ordnance Hand Grenades Or Equivalent.
- Vehicles Armor Plates Are Stitch-Welded Using High-Intensity MIG Welders. The Above Process Ensures The Structural Integrity Is Uncompromised By Thermal And Chemical Variations Of The Material.
- Ballistic Steel Interior Frame Provides Overlap And Backup Protection For The Large-Surface Principal Impact Areas Such As The Doors And Windows.
- Some OEM Vehicle Features/Equipment May Be Removed Or Disabled To Accommodate For The Installation Of The Armoring Materials And Other Equipment Required As A Part Of The Armoring.

- A Combination Of Glass, Polycarbonate And Mylar Are Bonded Together Using The Latest Technology, Producing One Of The Finest Transparent Armors Available While Incorporating The Following Qualities:
- Glass Thickness: 39mm.
- Anti-Spall Shield Protecting Against Shattering Glass
- Multiple Impact Protection
- Finest Optical Quality, Minimal Distortion
- No De-Lamination, No Discoloration From UV Rays
(Glass B6 Level And 2 Years Manufacturing Warrantee AGP Or Transparent Armour Glass)

- All Original OEM Interior Panels And Trim Will Be Resized Or Modified And Re-Installed Wherever Possible To Obtain As Close To An Original Look As Possible
- The Cargo Area Of The Vehicle Is Protected By A Swing Door With View Glass Without Disrupting The Original Manufacturers Appearance

- Armor Overlap At All Doors To Prevent Penetration Through Door Posts And Pillars.
- Door Pillars Reinforced To Accommodate The Additional Weight Of The Armored Door.
- Heavy Duty Door Hinges, Designed And Manufactured For Extended
Longevity And Easy Maintenance

- All Electrical Equipment Standards To This Vehicle Shall Be Tested And Modified As Necessary To Protect Against The Armoring Process.
- Any Additional (Optional) Electric Equipment Installed On The Vehicle Shall Be Individually Fused; All Wires Are Loomed And Clearly Marked, As Required By Vehicle Safety Standards.

Standard Security Features And Accessories
- Convert To Tubeless Tire (265-270/70r16) With 16" Steel Rim And Run Flat Devices Fitted In All Five Tires, Including One Spare (Run Flat System UK)
- Steel-Case Fuel Tank Protection
- Vehicle Battery And ECM Armor Protection
- Engine Bay Flank Armor Protection
- Large Door Frame Overlaps
- Heavy Duty Door Hinges, Designed For Extended Longevity And Easy Maintenance
- Reinforced Door Pillars And Posts,
- Suspension Components Are Reinforced As Necessary To Compensate For Additional Weight Of The Vehicle.
- All Manuals And Written Information Provided By Vehicle Manufacturer Is Included With The Vehicle.

Vehicle Post-Conversion Weights The Weight Of Armored Vehicle May Vary Due To Optional Equipment Installed Or Design Changes Requested By The Client. The Exact Weight Of The Vehicle Is Available After The
Construction Process Is Complete.

More Information
Manufacturer TOYOTA
Origin Japan

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